Hoyle's Kitchen + Bar

Games, Good Food + Good Times


George Hoyle Ivey, Jr. (Hoyle)



History flavors the bold

It started as a sparkle in the eye and a fire in the heart of our grandfather, Hoyle Ivey. He wasn’t one to back down on anything. Whether it was getting into political ballyhoo, or thumbing his nose at the naysayers, Hoyle wasn’t afraid to ruffle feathers.

In Marietta, he founded a farm-to-retail chain of general stores lovingly nicknamed “Milk Jugs.” Quite a different concept from our restaurant, but the passion is derived from the same energy and thinking: People deserve access to good food, good friends, and good times. Hoyle’s, the restaurant and bar, is partially a tribute to our family, and partially our own notch in the family’s history of milestones.

We invite you to sit back, relax, enjoy great food and even better drink amongst friends. If you haven’t brought any, not to worry, when you walk through our door, we consider you a friend instantly. Feel free to give us a high five.

Hoyle Ivey would’ve.